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My redditgifts, gift to give.

I will try to rehash my entry that didn't go through. This is either my fault or the livejournal app that I really shouldn't be using since it gives me so much grief. Yesterday I went out to see Star Trek at the first available showing at a AMC theater. I love AMC, I love their screen size, the seats and te popcorn! I wish there was one near me. This one is 38 minutes away. In my previous entry (that never was posted, whhhyyyyy) spoke of fandom crying about the whitewashing that went in this movie. Fandom takes #firstworldproblems to a whole new level. I loved it, plan on seeing it again on Sunday. I'll do a better trek post next time.

Did a really good job with avoiding Doctor Who spoilers, but I haven't been on tumblr or any communities since last Monday. Catching up isn't going to happen. We are all going to raging waters this morning, so i will be back late to watch. May do a live watching or dload. A post will be done, because emotionally I am not ready to accept Ruver's fate.

This photo at the start of the entry is what I am sending my redditgifts exchange for stationary and pens. I also signed up for the doctor who exchange and Disney exchange. I forgot to take a photo of my dw exchange gift. But it's an 11 shirt, a poster of 10 and Donna and a book on 7. My exchange was a wife who's husband like doctor who, she did her best to share with me what he likes. "Darlats" "roses" "that blue box" hee! How cute.